Do what must be done

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This is going to be an interesting week. Deadlines are tight. Life doesn’t stop and has more than its fair share of fun. Instead of bemoaning our lot I have decided to do something about it. Work needs to get done and so we can step up. We will do what must be done.

We have a whole bunch of things stacked against us this week. There have been some surprises. People we depend on are not available. New projects are appearing and demanding our attention. It will be a challenge.

To add insult to injury we are dealing with some adversity at home, which will affect us for the coming year. I will need to miss work because of it. This will not be an easy thing to get past and we are very thankful for our incredibly supportive friends and family.

I am excited to meet our problems head on. Not only do I think we will get all the projects done, I think we will excel if we put our minds to it. I think there are a few things I can do to help make this week a success.

Be positive. It would be easier to curl up into a ball and try to ignore what is happening. Although the circumstances are disheartening there is hope. We need to remain positive and strive for the best. If we focus on the negative it will make everything else worse.

Be patient. Not everything is going to be magical. We will need to deal with more fun as it rolls in. Instead of being overwhelmed by the changes we need to patiently deal with them. The situation might not be ideal, but we can get through it.

Be proactive. Don’t sit back and let the challenges come to you. Embrace and overcome them. I plan on doing what I can to help out and get things done. To step up where I am needed most. My normal work might suffer, but we will get through our deadlines.

Although it will be hard I am optimistic about this week. If we remain positive, stay patient and are proactive we will get through it. This week I have decided to step up and do what must be done.

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